"Vogue" año 1991, Italiy
"The World of Interiors" (cover) 1991, UK
"Maison Fancaise" 1991, Francia 
"La Casa de Marie Claire" 1992, Spain
"The New Paint Magic" by Yocasta Innes (cover) 1992, UK
"House and Garden" 1993, UK
"Casa Vogue" 1993, Italy
"Plaza Mayor" 1993, Argentina 
"Casa & Jardín" 1993, Portugal 
"The Enciclopedia of Decorative Paint Effects" de Simon Cavelle (cover) 1994, UK
"Arte y Decoracao" 1997, Brasil 
"Elle Decoration" 1998, France
"D&D" 1997-1999, Argentina 
"Elle Décor" 1999, USA
Libro "Buche Welter" 1999, Germany
"Magenta" 2001, Argentina 
Diario "Arte al dia" 08/2002, Argentina 
Diario "Buenos Aires Herald" 2002, Argentina 
Diario "La Nacion" 2002, Argentina 
"Arte y Antigüedades" 2003, Argentina 
Diario "Arte al dia" Enero 2004, Argentina

La Nación Magazine 2006
LUZ Magazine, diario Perfil, 2007 
Elle Decoracion Magazine, 2008
Para Ti Deco N 107 Magazine, Argentina 2009
Diario Perfil, Revista Luz 31, Argentina 2009 
Aeropuerto Magazine (Cover), Mexico 2009
Cielos Argentinos Magazine, Argentina 2009 
Elle Decoracion, Oct 2009, Argentina
La Nacion Magazine, 2010
La Gaceta Mercantil, 2011 Click Here
VD Magazine, El Mercurio (Cover), Chile 2013

Many of his works are owned by private collectors in England, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Cuba, Uruguay and Argentina